Web CMS Company in Hong Kong

Web CMS, or Web Content Management System, is a software tool installed on a web server to simplify the process of maintaining a website. In the past, when a web programmer updated the content on a website, it usually involved HTML coding. Nowadays, with no technical knowledge required, you can easily update your website with a CMS. It significantly reduces time and efforts. In Allo, we custom-build a “powered-by” WordPress website CMS and offer full-suite services to support your business growth. A Web Content Management System is a program that helps in maintaining, controlling and changing the content on a web page, where content is kept in a database and assembled using XML or the alike. Users interact with the front-end website via a web browser. From there, the webpages can be edited without altering the web layout.

Without a content management system, you will need to write a static HTML file and upload it to your server. With a content management system (e.g. WordPress), you can simply amend your content on an interface similar to text or image editors in daily lives.

Other popular CMS include:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento (for eCommerce stores)
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • TYPO3

Web Maintenance Services (Upon Request)

Upon request, we can also provide web maintenance service with a retainer contract. Under this arrangement, we will have a standby team to update your website content according to your daily neds.  This way, you can save your internal resources and let the experts do the job.

Our Web CMS Solutions

User-friendly CMS

Our tailor-made web CMS for your company allows non-technical users to maintain the website with ease. Your colleagues can update the latest company news or blog posts on the CMS for daily operation.


Our website CMS has built-in SEO features, meaning you can have the essential tools to update website content using a search-engine-targeted approach. This improves your website’s search engine ranking. It also allows external contributions (e.g. comments, blogs, etc).

Mobile Friendly UI

Allo’s CMS are highly compatible with responsive website design, which means your website content and layout can automatically adjust to different screen sizes, such as desktop, tablets, and mobiles.

CMS Technical Support

Our web CMS has a strong, 24/7 community support from thousands of developers and service providers.